Originator Congress with the immigration act 1990

Originator Congress with the immigration act of 1990, offers fast execution of green card resident ship after fulfilling the investment and job criteria. The investor visa pilot program qualifies the visa requirements through regional centers approval. A direct investment offer exists. Investment from 3.4 Cr INR to 6.8 Cr INR is the eligibility criteria depending upon the geographical area. Low risks, high productivity, low cost, job pool are the right criteria’s to investment. It has to be a new business and at least 10 US workers must be employed within these guidelines. There is a growing demand in multiple metros across India for this EB 5 Visa. Steps involved finalizing with an investment advisor and attorney, identifying the investment domain and go with the investment process. Formal application process I – 526 petitions will follow the deployment of investment and apply for 2 yrs of the resident ship. Within 90 days of the expiry of a resident ship under this process, I-829 has to be filed for removal of the condition on the permanent resident ship. If the minimum parameters are met then the conditions will be removed and the individual will be applicable to get the permanent resident ship of the USA. India constitutes a 2nd largest immigrant group in the USA. There is a mixed culture though exist but immigrants under EB 5 Visa India will help each other to prosper and stick to the guidelines under the process. It’s assured through the government process that there will be no interference in the freedom to do business and live there until all the guidelines are met properly. You will be eligible to pay 150% to 300% lower tuition fee than foreign nationals. There is ample opportunity for their family to live a happy livelihood out there. I hope to increase this process for the bridging nation between India and the USA.

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